Be You, Do You, For You

Be You, Do You, For You

Good morning friends!  I hope your day is going well and the weather is being kind to you. We have a rainy day here in the Ozarks but I am waiting for the rainbow after the rain. 

Be You, Do You, For You...I have those words written on the wall at my Boutique.  Why?  Let me count the reasons...LOL

As a society we get so caught up in keeping up with the Jones's that we forget what we truly love about OUR lives. Be it the clothing we wear or the house we live in or the vehicle we drive.  Life has gotten to be more of a competition than a joy to live. 

Ya know, sometimes (ok most of the time), my house is a mess.  I am a business owner and I also have small children so my time for house cleaning is limited.  I remember a while back I actually hired someone to come in and clean my house on a weekly basis. But do you know what I did the night before she was supposed to be there?  I cleaned like a madwoman.  WHY???  Wasn't that what I was paying her to do???  Yep, but I couldn't let someone else see what I perceived as too messy of a house.  I was so worried about what someone else would think that I couldn't even enjoy the prospect of not having to clean my own house.  I have since allowed myself grace and the ability to not expect my house to look perfect.  I am being me, for me. 

Being the owner of a fashion boutique, I see it all the time.  People looking for specific "name brand" items.  Not necessarily because it was what they "wanted" to wear, but because it was what everyone else was wearing.  Or because those brands would give them an appearance of "having wealth".  When in reality, most of the time those brand names are not comfortable and do not bring the wearer joy. time you go shopping for clothing, Be You, Do You, For You!  Find items that are comfortable and bring you joy.  Maybe you love bright colors but you don't buy them because someone else may think you are too old (or too young) to wear them.  WEAR THEM ANYWAY!! Maybe you like the younger style clothes.  Or maybe you are a youth that likes the vintage style clothing.  In a world full of followers, be a Kimmy Gibler!!  

Life is too short to spend it worrying about what other people think you should be.  

Also in a world where you can be anything you want to be, y'all be nice to each other!  It's not hard!!  We can do it!! 




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