Don't We Have Enough Boutiques in this World????

Interesting question isn't it?  I mean, it seems like boutiques are popping up everywhere.  So why us?  Why now?  

Well, yes, there are many boutiques.  But do you have any idea how many times I have been told, "We needed a place like this!"  So many friends are excited to have a place to shop.  I say friends because I am not fond of the word "customers".  Everyone that comes into my Boutique is a friend.  A "customer" denotes that they have to make a purchase, where a friend can just stop by for a visit.  Have a cup of coffee.  Catch up on what's been going on and just relax for a few minutes.  Yes...I like the word friend much better.  But I digress...

I saw a post on Facebook the other day that said something to the effect of; When you feel like everyone else is selling or doing the same thing you are, go into a grocery store and look at the bread isle.  How many different varieties of bread are there?  All different people selling bread...but not all the bread is the same and each individual shopping for bread is looking for something unique to them.  

So, while there are several boutiques in my little town.  All of them have appeal to different people.  My hope is that Missing Piece Boutique will appeal to EVERYONE on some level. Whether it be my prices or my range of sizes or my variety of items. 

So...there you have it.  Why another boutique?  Because it's what my friends need. Because we are all looking for that Missing Piece.  And I hope to see you, my friend very soon!!! 

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