Why I Chose the Name Missing Piece Boutique

Why I Chose the Name Missing Piece Boutique

Hello and happy Friday Eve my friends!  I hope today finds you well and content in your life!

Before we go any further I need to let y'all in on a little secret...I'm not the best writer. I tend write the way I talk and I punctuate as I speak so yeah...my grammatical prowess probably wouldn't win me any awards. But as the song says..."the Man upstairs gets it so I ain't tryin to fix it". I know y'all know what I am saying LOL

Today I wanted to spend a few minutes with you and tell you why I chose the name Missing Piece Boutique for my business.  There are actually several reasons I went with this name.  So, grab you a cup of coffee and a blanket, put your feet up and walk down the path with me that led me to this choice.

We're actually going to go back to the years between January 2011 and December 2015.  I met my husband in January of 2011.  He was adopted as a child and had spent years looking for his birth family.  His Missing Piece.  I began to help him in his endeavor but alas, we had no success.  In the year 2015 we decided to become CASA advocates.  If you don't know, CASA advocates for children in the foster care system.  Now here's where it starts to get interesting.  About 3 months into our journey as CASA advocates, my husband was once again doing an internet search for any information about his birth family.  One night in October of 2015 he came across an obituary that had his birth name listed as a child of the deceased.  Now remember, he had been searching for YEARS and had NEVER come across this obituary.  I sent out messages via social media to all the siblings of the deceased and in December we got a response that he had found the correct family!!  He had found the Missing Piece in his life! It almost seemed that he had not been allowed to find his Missing Piece until he helped someone else find theirs through helping children in the same foster care system that he had been in. 

Now let's fast forward to August 2017.  It was at this time that my husband and I took in two of our grandchildren.  Now we had no intentions of having any children together.  We had raised our kids and were looking forward to our time to travel etc.  Well, little did we know how much we needed these kids.  As much as they needed us at that time, we needed them just as much.  After two years in our care we adopted them and what a happy day that was!  Again, we found a piece of our lives that we didn't even know was missing.  

Then of course there is the simplicity of the business side of the name.  It seems like every time we put on an outfit there is something missing.  A blouse, an accessory, we don't have the right handbag, something is missing. Thus the name Missing Piece Boutique.  Because I am here to help you find the Missing Piece to complete any wardrobe.  

So there you have it.  The story behind the name.  If you read this far I thank you from the bottom of my heart!  And I wonder, if you were going to start a business, what would you name it?  

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