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British Gentleman Beard Oil 30ml

British Gentleman Beard Oil 30ml

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Do you agree that a gentleman's beard should smell empowering and not overpowering? If so, you need to try the most classic and elegant of our recipes - the British Gentleman.

In this beard oil, you will find fresh and woody 100% organic Cedarwood and Scotch Pine Needle essential oils mixed with a hint of the floral Ylang-Ylang. British Gentleman Beard Oil will make you feel like a refined man, sharp and ready to conquer anyone, anywhere.

Your beard shouldn't feel itchy, and you shouldn't be brushing dandruff off your chest either. In all Sweyn Forkbeard beard oils, you will find a handcrafted combination of 100% organic Argan, Jojoba, Castor and Avocado oils enriched with vitamin E. Sweyn Forkbeard unique formula will hydrate and nourish your beard, making it healthier, thicker, stronger yet softer.A FEW DROPS GO A LONG WAY

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